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400 Parts Per Million

JUNE-2013  - Interart Theatre  New York, NY

In the spirit of our past Come If You Dare experiments, 400 Parts per Million is a savage and exuberant exploration of a love nearly missed. We invite you to catch a glimpse of work-in-progress on this new ensemble-built creation.

Production CREDITS

An original creation by

Blessed Unrest

With text by

Andrew Dahl, Charles L Mee, Damen Scranton



Peter Richards

Associate Director 

Jessica Burr

Sound Designer 

Damen Scranton

Lighting Designer 

Gillian Wolpert

Created and Performed by

Sora Baek, Emma DeCorsey, Lea Antolini-Lid, Elisa Marti, Sevrin Anne Mason, Tjasa Ferme, Sonia Villani, Nathan Richard Wagner

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