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Measure For Measure

2006-2007 Season

A young leader, determined to purify society of sexual corruption, finds himself at the mercy of his lust for a nun. She is forced to choose between her brother's life and her morality. Wickedly comic, unbearably raw and strangely tender, Measure for Measure exposes the chaos of a society as it fights for love beneath a repressive regime.

What they said

" explosion of music, dance, and found text. (Measure for Measure) bringing the story to immediate life and it will leave you thinking about the text afterwards in a way that a 'straight' telling would not.

"...Jessica Burr's vigorous and imaginative direction really shines. The ensemble as a whole is excellent.

"The music by Gogol Bordello is another great and unexpected addition. In a group number before intermission the whole cast wildly dances to "Illumination," a raucous klezmer-gypsy-punk number that perfectly express the decadence, corruption, and energy of the play's setting and characters.

"Overall, this production is truly an original and strong one. I highly recommend it."

~Alyssa Simon,

"...all you need are an ensemble of strong, intrepid actors to create the texture of the world, and minimal set and costumes.... Perfect for companies rich in spirit and imagination but low on funds. Real estate in NYC has made this kind of poetic risk-taking a rare and unlikely occurrence in post-Giuliani New York.

"Good Shakespeare is FUN—the really compelling interpretations are always the ones that go at it balls-to-the-wall and don't shy away from the sometimes uncomfortably extreme levels of ultra-violence and debauched sex..."

~Tom Toxic,

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