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The Snow Queen

Winner 2018 New York Innovative Theatre Award for Outstanding Premiere Production of a Play

Developed in a residency with New Victory Theatre LabWorks

New Ohio Theatre, NYC, opened January 2018

A fearless young woman goes on a quest to save her friend from a frozen world devoid of feelings. Featuring Blessed Unrest's signature physicality, magical transformations, extravagant costumes, and modern humor.

What they said

“The Snow Queen was promoted as a play centering on ‘interpersonal relationships’ but the extent of the smartly written and emotionally layered content is truly remarkable.” Meagan Meehan, Blasting News

“But the real star is Jessica Burr at the helm of this atmospheric sleigh ride. Snow squalls engulf the audience. Two empty children huddle in a void, mourning their lost childhoods. A young woman, bathed in the sun, stands alone on a warm rooftop after a long journey home. All of these moments are perfectly and instantly conveyed to the audience. And each are a gift given by Burr.” - Hazen Cuyler, Theatre Pizzazz

“In The Snow Queen, that maturation is woven into an allegory about loss, grief, and the frightening aspects of love, whether for a friend, family member, or sapiosexual princess. Indeed, the passage of time weighs lightly but perceptibly on the ending in a way that younger audience members may overlook but that will add a certain bittersweetness for those aware that love and loss are inevitably twinned."

“The Snow Queen is a lot of fun: energetic and funny, family friendly but not sentimental...the 7 ½ year-old who accompanied us summed up her own expert opinion with a firm thumbs up.” - Leah Richards and John Ziegler, Culture Catch

“An epic adventure performed in 80 minutes by 6 performers who seem like a cast of thousands.” - Mark Savitt, Hi! Drama

“An epic adventure performed in 80 minutes by 6 performers who seem like a cast of thousands.” - Mark Savitt, Hi! Drama

“The production is well crafted and will delight adults and children alike (the frequent laughter from the younger audience members proved that).” - Ran Xia, Theatre is Easy

“Director Jessica Burr gets the most from her cast.” - Fern Siegel, The Huffington Post

“I loved how this production, in all its simplicity, perfectly captures the purity of a child mixed with the existential loneliness of missing the one for whom your heart beats; it is a story that must imperatively be told to the end, when the Snow Queen is merely a figment of the imagination - or is she?” - Kristen Morale, BroadwayWorld

Production CREDITS

Written by

Matt Opatrny, based on the story by Hans Christian Andersen

Directed & Choreographed by

Jessica Burr


Rich Brown, Todd Grace, Tatyana Kot, Zach Libresco,

Nancy McArthur, Celli Pitt, Joshua Wynter

Production Stage Manager

Darielle Shandler

Scenic Design by

Samuel Vawter

Costume Design by

Sydney Maresca

Lighting Design by

Jay Ryan

Sound Design by

Beth Lake

Assistant Director

Ben Peterson

Publicist PR-ism

Kamilia Slawinski & Ivan Talijančić

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