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Certain Things Which
I Will Call Sacred

2003-2004 Season - the Looking Glass Theatre in New York, NY

2004-2005 Season - San Francisco Fringe Festival

2000-2001 Season Part of An Evening of Kantor. A granddaughter's memories of her grandparents confronting Alzheimer's

What happens when the love of a lifetime is shattered by the loss of memory? 


An original piece created by Blessed Unrest with text by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Charles Mee, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Zona Gale, Deirdre O'Connor, Henrik Ibsen, Karen Larsen, Anton Chekhov, Petronius, and others.

What they said

"Certain Things, Which I Will Call Sacred: New York-based theatre company Blessed Unrest brings its original meditation on love and memory to the fest.... Jessica Burr and Matt Opatrny rehearse and remember the various stages of a lifelong love affair that, in its golden years, risks disappearing along with the memory of those who lived it. Repetition allows the richness of a simple idea to bloom: even the set consists of a single prop, a flower pot, multiplied 82 times, forming a garden where the flowers are buried, waiting to be unearthed.... Burr and Opatrny create a touching dynamic that's pleasing to watch."
~The San Francisco Bay Guardian

"Certain Things, Which I Will Call Sacred stands entirely on its own as a work of art… Indeed, the best part of Certain Things is the way Burr and Opatrny transform seamlessly from character to character."

"Creative and touching…Smith Conroy is one of New York’s most talented up-and-coming directors."

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