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APRIL-MAY 2015  - The Interart Theatre,  New York, NY - The Emelin Theatre, Mamaroneck, NY

NOVEMBER 2016 - Secondo Theaterfestival-Zürich, Switzerland

A marriage that spurns tradition, an impossible journey on horseback, a brother who defies the grave. Inspired by the Albanian legend, Doruntine is a mythical tale of family loyalty, forbidden love, and the power of a promise that can never be broken.

About our collaboration with Teatri Oda

Blessed Unrest of New York and Teatri ODA of Prishtina, Kosova have been collaborating since 2005, creating and performing original, bilingual plays in New York and on several tours through the Balkan nations of Kosova, Macedonia, and Albania. In 2008 we realized the first ever US/Kosovar theatre collaboration in the US with our acclaimed production of Doruntine, followed by a sold out Balkan tour in 2009. 

Teatri ODA was founded shortly after the Balkan Wars as the only independent arts organization in the country, exerting the power of the arts in building a democratic and open society. They perform extensively across Europe and average 180 events and 50,000 visitors annually in Prishtina.

America’s relationship with the Balkans focuses on military and financial aid, yet we know little about each other culturally. Kosova is one of the newest nations on the planet, and their Albanian language and culture is among the oldest. This form of collaboration, creating original bilingual theatre, is utterly unique. We exchange ideas and perspectives, work together to create art, and give audiences a tangible connection to the history and traditions of Kosovar and Albanian people.

Doruntine wins first prize in Switzerland

We brought Doruntine, our acclaimed bilingual collaboration with Teatri ODA from Prishtina, Kosova, to the Secondo Theater festival in Zurich, Switzerland. The festival jury awarded Doruntinefirst prize.

Doruntine has been loved by packed houses in four different countries, and we were thrilled to bring it to Western Europe for the first time.

What they said

“This rare and rousing play turns Blessed Unrest and Teatri ODA into cultural ambassadors as they honor an often-overlooked region and history. Both Doruntine—and the world to which it belongs—deserve much wider exposure. Still not convinced? You should have seen the standing ovation.”

~ Sarah Matusek, New York Theatre Review

“This is a well-acted, smoothly written, and excitingly staged work of cultural blending. The opportunity to see it is the kind of thing for which we can be grateful.”

~ Jon Sobel,

“a captivating play on a timeless, precious tale about love, loyalty and promises”

~ Angel Lam,

“hauntingly beautiful bilingual collaboration…extraordinary and fascinating, the movement is exciting, and the message of the power of inner strength and belief is inspiring.”

~ Mark Savitt, Hi Drama


Production CREDITS

APRIL-MAY 2015  - The Interart Theatre

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