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Burn Crave Hold


Blessed Unrest wins Outstanding Production of a Play for Burn, Crave, Hold at

the Innovative Theatre Awards

IT Awards

If the wattage of the award presenters is any indication, the value of an IT Award seems to be rising: Lisa Kron (the host), Tina Howe, Edward Albee, Olympia Dukakis, and Bill Irwin all spoke about the importance of Off-Off-Broadway theater being recognized. Mr. Albee in particular spoke poignantly about "two kinds of theater: the commercial theater and the theater that matters." His was the final award of the night, the award for Outstanding Production of a Play, and it went to Blessed Unrest for Burn, Crave, Hold: The James Wilde Project.

Based on the life and poetry of
James Wilde

Journey through the heart of the Congo rainforest, a rice paddy in Vietnam, an asylum in Turkey, and a nervous first date in a Parisian café in this exploration of the real-life adventures of war correspondent James Wilde. This dynamic new play examines what motivated Wilde to obsessively pursue extreme human suffering as a reporter, and offers a new perspective on the news of war and the people who bring it to us.

James Wilde (b. 1929) spent thirty-two years tracking stories across the world as a journalist for TIME Magazine. He began his career by breaking the story of the Russian arms buildup in North Vietnam and retired after the first Gulf War. Now seventy-eight, a published poet and prolific storyteller, he has asked blessed unrest to tell his story on stage.

Production CREDITS


Jessica Burr, Zenzelé Cooper, Dave Edson, Jason Griffin, Anna Kepe, Eunjee Lee, Celli Pitt,
Matthew Sincell, Darrell Stokes, Laura Wickens


Damen Scranton


Kelly Hayes

Stage Manager

Amy E. VonVett

Lighting Design

Benjamin C. Gevelow

Costume Design

Sarah Lafferty

Painting Coach

Ian Robertson Duncan

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