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MAY-2009  - The Interart Theatre,  New York, NY 

Photography by Alan Roche

A world premiere of a contemporary adaptation of Chekhov's Ivanov from the original Russian by Laura Wickens.

Nick Ivanov, a man of infinite promise and debt, is torn between his loving wife and the lusty daughter of his creditor. When his vodka swilling, poker playing, gun toting friends insert themselves into the intrigue, Nick gets pushed to the edge. Fiercely comic, electrifying and blatantly romantic, this is Chekhov as you never imagined.

What they said

"There are moments when Burr projects Wickens's image on a makeshift screen, and the effect is absolutely riveting: Wickens gets the conflicted nature of this woman who gave up everything for love....

"Though he's clearly not a nice guy, Nick is a likable anti-hero in the hands of Darrell Stokes, and as he abuses his friends and relatives (and cheats on his wife), we somehow find ourselves pulling for him in spite of ourselves.

"...much in Nick is striking and noteworthy.... Blessed Unrest is showcasing here some talented artists who bring energy and insight to the text and its parts."

~Martin Denton,

"Nick resonate[s] with modern sensibilities via adept characterizations, established through strong writing and acting."

"Nick pays a wonderful homage to Chekhov's sense of humor, but still maintains a cultural and historic specificity that keeps the comedy fresh. 

"It is a complex ending that allows for multiple resonances to operate simultaneously, thereby deepening the emotional palette available for the audience to enjoy."

~Lisa Reinke,

Production CREDITS

Directed by

Jessica Burr

Lighting Design by

Benjamin C. Gevelow

Costume and Set Design by

Anna-Alisa Belous

Video Design by

C. Andrew Bauer

Sound Design by

Wei Wang

Choreography by

Kelly Hayes

Stage Managed by

Jaimie Van Dyke

Violence Consultant

Matt Opatrny


Zenzelé Cooper, Anna Kepe, Eunjee Lee, Nick Micozzi, John Peery, Peter Richards, Matthew Sincell, Darrell Stokes, Laura Wickens, Hannah Wilson

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