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OCTOBER-NOVEMBER 2014  - The Interart Theatre,  NY, NY

Intertwined with the realities and unrealities associated with the condition of epilepsy, Lauren's confessions, along with her pre-teen life experiences are staged as an impressionistic whirlwind of thoughts and happenings—lying, stealing, attending a special Catholic school where she is taught how to fall safely, and faking seizures throughout her adolescence.


Lauren is passionately dedicated to the truth, which for her is not the same thing as fact. In Blessed Unrest’s original adaptation of Lauren Slater’s electrifying memoir, we meet her three-headed mother, an obsession-inducing neurosurgeon, a slow-dancing messiah, and one very famous lover. To tell us her tale, Lauren releases her grip on reality, moving past the literal to dig into the deeper, juicier truth that lies beneath.

Lauren Slater is a psychologist and writer whose books include Prozac Diary, Welcome To My Country, and Opening Skinner’s Box. She has received numerous awards and is a frequent contributor to The New York Times Magazine, Harper’s, and The Moth. Her mesmerizing novel exposes the power of metaphor in relating a life, and openly questions the reliability of memoir itself by exploring the slippery nature of memory and the trickiness of the mind in perceiving reality.

What they said

“Lying is an actor’s tour de force…. The work of Blessed Unrest is always intelligent, exciting, and experimental, yet always well rehearsed so that the results are highly polished and professional. With Lying, the company can take pride in adding another solid work to its repertoire.”

~ Howard Miller, Talkin’ Broadway

“To borrow a line straight from the play, Lying is ‘so juicy you have to wear a bib.’

“See Lying and surrender…. I’m not even sure several viewings would allow you to fully unravel the rich multi-sensory tableau that director and choreographer Jessica Burr has constructed for your consideration. But you’ll sure have a great time trying.”

~ Richard Oceguera, flavorpill

“…delightful staging…intelligent adaptation…the quietly charismatic Jessica Ranville (as Lauren) plays her part with such naturalism, such lovely sincerity and simplicity, that she captivates. One can’t look away from her or this lovely production.”

~ Dmitry Zvonkov, Stage and Cinema

“Jessica Burr is a fascinating director: endlessly inventive, visually exciting. She is an innovator when it comes to combining music and choreography, and the results can be transformative.

“If Lauren’s truth as well as her journey is mercurial, Burr can go meta-crazy: she can break the fourth wall at will; she can tease as much humor and fun out of the script without sacrificing poignancy…. In short, she has a lot of room, and knows how to use every inch.”

~ Lisa Del Rosso, One Magazine

“This one of a kind production, focusing on a deceitful protagonist, features powerful performances and surreal staging.

“The production is surprisingly hilarious…. Ranville, along with the cast, gives an amazing performance that covers the gamut from raw emotions to intentionally exaggerated bravado to the comedic. Charise Greene, Rich Brown, Sonia Villani, and Nathan Richard Wagner are all chameleon-like in their ability to become the many different characters encompassed within the production (all under the skillful guidance of Jessica Burr).”

~ Adrienne Urbanski, Theatre Is Easy

“Electrifying…. A beautiful journey through a beautiful mind…. A wild ride.”

~ Jim Taylor, CBS Radio


Production CREDITS

Adapted by

Matt Opatrny

from the metaphorical memoir by

Lauren Slater

Directed and choreographed by

Jessica  Burr


Rich Brown, Charise Greene, Jessica Ranville, Sonia Villani, and Nathan Richard Wagner

Production Stage Manager 

Jaimie Van Dyke

Costume Designer 

Summer Lee Jack

Lighting Designer

Jason Jeunnette

Scenic Designer Neal Wilkinson

Sound Designer Nicholas Foster

Press Rep 

David Gibbs/DARR Publicity

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