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A Christmas Carol

New Ohio Theatre, NYC, opened December 2016

Six actors play thirty-seven characters in this raw, physical and darkly comic story of a man grappling with his life of isolation, and choosing to enact positive change in the troubled world around him.

What they said

“A humanizing warmth flickers through this stripped-down, six-actor A Christmas Carol, at the New Ohio Theater.” – Laura Collins-Hughes, The New York Times

"Director and choreographer Jessica Burr has created a number of dazzling moments with her precise unison of expressive staging, movement and dance.... This production of A Christmas Carol is a delightfully aesthetic opportunity to once again savor the profound joy of this enduring story.” – Darryl Reilly,

“Smart and funny staging abounds… and rousingly acted by a lively cast under Jessica Burr’s visionary direction, it refocuses on Dickens’s call for a humanitarian society motivated by compassion for the poor.

"Throughout, director Burr deftly manages a mélange of social commentary, supernatural visitations, flashbacks, comic business, metatheatrical kidding around, and sentiment, all in the service of a classic story we seem to need to keep retelling… a bright, family-friendly entertainment that’s also an essential Christmastime reminder that the spirit of compassion and fellowship that survived the grimmest era of the Industrial Revolution can also survive any coming times of darkness.” –  Jon Sobel,

“This poignant show is both familiar and, thanks to Jessica Burr’s direction and choreography, a step beyond… Blessed Unrest work their magic to show us how Scrooge came to be the kind of person who runs away from his pain by working, sleeping, and over again… the deft ensemble does an outstanding job of using contemporary speech to get the audience to connect to isolated Ebenezer… a joy to watch.” – Ed Malin, Theatre in the Now

"Incorporating a small, double- and triple-cast ensemble and minimally flexible skeletal set pieces, the imaginative aptitude of the ensemble, under Jessica Burr’s direction, knows very few boundaries. There is tongue-in-cheek, fourth wall smashing shtick as well as impossible physicality played off as everyday. The effect is powerful; haunting at some moments and palpably joyous at others.” – Adrienne Sowers, The Reviews Hub

"It is truly a beautiful story, and Blessed Unrest's production brings forth the plot's heartwarming nature with such fervor, incorporating into it a bit of laughter and spirit that, although expressed in ways Dickens might not have foretold, brings this story to new life... A superbly talented ensemble." – Kristen Morale, Broadway World

Production CREDITS

Adapted by

Matt Opatrny from the story by Charles Dickens

Directed and Choreographed by

Jessica Burr 


J. Stephen Brantley, Claire Fort, Tatyana Kot, Becca Schneider, Nathan Richard Wagner, Joshua Wynter

Production Stage Manager

Darielle Shandler

Set/Props Design by

Matt Opatrny and Neal Wilkinson

Costume Design by

Summer Lee Jack & Rebecca Welles

Lighting Design by

Jay Ryan

Sound Design by

Sam Kusnetz & Beth Lake

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