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MAY 2021 - Performed at Madison Square Park in New York, NY 

Touch was an offering to NYC, an invitation to partake in the warmth of creative intimacy, with the safety of distance. The audience had their senses awakened with the vicarious delight of following performers through fractured journeys of forbidden touch set against the beautiful canopy of Madison Square Park.


Part of the NYC Open Culture Program,Touch dug into the profound importance of this little-studied sense with live performances outdoors. All safety protocols were observed.

Production CREDITS

Directed by

Jessica Burr

Composition, Arrangement, Sound Design 

Adrian Bridges

Performed, and with original text, by

Michael Gene Jacobs, Tatyana Kot, Ariel Polanco, and Anna Wulfekuhle

Final text by

Keith Hamilton Cobb and Teddy Jefferson

Production Stage Management by

Margaret Gleberman

Costume Design by 

Sohn Plenefisch

Press Representation by

Kamila Slawinski

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