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Body: Anatomies Of Being

Commissioned by New Ohio and IRT theatres in a two-year Archive Residency

New Ohio Theatre, NYC, opened April 2016

A trauma surgeon works to repair her patient's internal organs, a painter seeks to expose the raw humanity of his nude model, and a woman journeys back to Chernobyl as she strives to understand the body that is now only partially hers. Body digs into the flesh, organs, bones, systems, and movement of the human body as art and as machine.

What they said

“Once in a blue moon comes a piece of theatre so impactful you wonder if you won't be talking about it for years to come. A piece of theatre so unique and bold, it makes you exclaim, ‘Wait. Theatre can do this?’ Body: Anatomies of Being is such a show. Daring in its intimacy, performed with mesmerizing vulnerability, Body is a truly exceptional piece of theatre. [...] Truly, Burr is a superb director. Her staging is smart, delicate, and lovingly put together. [...] If you choose one play to see this year, go see this show.” - Darryl Reilly, TheaterScene.Net

“I guarantee after watching this enigmatic production, life will never be the same again. Trust me, you can’t let this production pass you by.” – NY Social Agenda

“It is beautiful, sensual, wistful, and thought provoking. Issues of race and sex and beauty are confronted and examined. The choreography is spellbinding. At times reminiscent of the athletic fluidity of Pilobolus. Body is an evening of the beautifully unexpected. Not sensationalistic. It is sensational.” – Jim Taylor, CBS Radio

“Body’s stunning choreography inspires as much amazement and reverence as its intellectual components. Effectively, by inviting us to re-envision the bodies we inhabit, Body: Anatomies of Being highlights our essential humanity, inviting us to celebrate ourselves in all our flawed glory.” – Emily Cordes, Theatre Is Easy

“Go see this performance. Body was one of the most fascinating performances I’ve ever had the pleasure to witness. It was raw, intense, stunning and emotional.” – Kristin Loughranon, NY Theatre Guide

“It is an extraordinary, affecting theatrical experience. I wish everyone could see Body: Anatomies of Being. I wish it toured high schools and colleges. Because by the end of this singular, 100 minute, intermission-less show, you no longer see or judge the bodies onstage; you see people. You see their souls. Ordinary bodies that are extraordinary.” – Lisa del Rosso, ONE Magazine

“Their cohesiveness is hypnotic and nearly superhuman.  It is the sort of ensemble work that one often hopes to achieve but is so very difficult to develop.” – Adrienne Sowers, The Reviews Hub

Production CREDITS

Written by

Matt Opatrny

Directed and Choreographed by

Jessica Burr 


Natalia Ivana Escobar, Catherine Gowl, Tatyana Kot, Poppy Liu, Sevrin Anne Mason, Darrell Stokes, Sonia Villani, Nathan Richard Wagner, Joshua Wynter

Production Stage Manager

Darielle Shandler

Set Designer

Matt Opatrny

Costume Designer

Sydney Maresca

Lighting Designer

Jay Ryan

Sound Designer

Beth Lake

Assistant Director

Jessica Ranville

Assistant Stage Managers & Production Design

Annelise Nussbacher & Maddey Lemmon


David Gibbs/DARR Publicity

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